Digital Badges for Safety Tests

Getting ready for 2016? Thinking about safety tests for your students? Perhaps using digital badges to foster engagement and keep the momentum going as you plough through that dry but absolutely necessary WHS material. I created these earlier in the year for my school and thought I’d place them here for others to build on.

These badges were made using Adobe Illustrator (saved as CS4). I’ve removed my schools details and locked all the layers except for the text where you should place your own details. Feel free to download them and use them as is or unlock the layers and change them totally.

If you make any new designs and want to share, I’d love to see what you have done.


Above is the poster I used around the school to get students motivated for the badges. Click on it to download the ZIP file which contains all the badges and the poster and have fun.




New Graphics Worksheets

Another long delayed post, there’s just so much going on that I’ve neglected this blog. So today I thought I’d post some worksheets I’ve just created for a beginning Graphics Technology class. These are the first few completed and I’m pretty happy with my workflow at the moment, so if I don’t get sidetracked I will continue to post them as I go.

Remember, I’d be more than happy to collaborate if you have any ideas. Recently I’ve been considering a unit on designing card games like Pokémon or Magic the Gathering as my son has hit that age and I find the whole thing quite interesting. My initial research leads me to the conclusion there’s much more to these games and many people take them very seriously. My only problem is… I’m having trouble understanding the actual game, maybe I’m too old. A student did ask me if I had ‘Old Timers’ disease today.

Please feel free to download and share these worksheets.

Worksheet 1     Worksheet 2     Worksheet 3     Worksheet 4




Safe Work Method Statement for students

I’ve just finished my first interactive SWMS to use in class. I’m pretty happy with it at the moment. It is not designed for actual business use, just for students as a learning resource. Feel free to use it and please give me feedback about things that don’t work, could be improved or could be added.

Warning PDF forms will not work on Adobe’s free IOS PDF Reader. You need an app that can open and enter data in a PDF form, my recommendation out of the 4 I’ve tried is the new Readdle PDF Expert app.

Click on the thumbnail below to download the PDF





Design a Postage Stamp

I’ve recently started to get interested in self contained units of work delivered by interactive PDFs. Here’s the design a Postage Stamp unit for my graphics class with a new tutorial which is shorter and clearer. Click on the Stamp below to download it. The pencil on page one controls the marking tools on page 7-8, you click the tip to show them and the eraser to hide them. Not that it’s a great concern if students figure this out, I’ll still mark it even if they have already self assessed. I mostly wanted to experiment with the possibilities of using layers in a PDF document. If anyone knows how to add security or permissions to individual layers I’d love to hear from you.

This document is full of my own self promotional rubbish (just delete it) sorry, if you would like access to the original InDesign documents just drop me a line and I’ll package it up and stick it in my Dropbox for you.


Click on the Tony Abbott stamp to download the Interactive PDF (55mb)




Due to demand a series of Australian Politician stamps is included here for your enjoyment…




New Sketchup Model and Toy Making Project

Just finished a few touches to a newish project for my Year 8 woodwork class. I found the basic plan a few years ago in an old Makita school resource and used it to help a casual teacher get through a tough patch last year. The students seemed to like it so I used it myself this semester and had some great results. I’ve completed the 3D model using Sketchup and placed it on the 3Dwarehouse for anyone to download, use and modify. The model contains 5 variations on the basic model just click through the scenes. I haven’t been too picky with layers, it’s all pretty basic. The majority of the work is with 19mm and 12mm stock, with a 50mm holw saw for the wheels. I’ll prepare some PDF working drawings soon so stay tuned.

Download the model from the 3dWarehouse

Toy Truck1Toy Truck6 Toy Truck5 Toy Truck4 Toy Truck3 Toy Truck2
058D8725-A768-4216-9077-A702A70B5401_thumb 75CEEF49-D93E-49D9-8345-3437EBB429EF



How It’s Made Plastic Bottles & Jars

The resources that are freely available online (sometimes of dubious copyright) amaze me. It’s no wonder modern students can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Never fear, I hope that this blog can find and share some of the most useful for your studies in Design and Technology.

Here’s a great video on the manufacture of bottles and jars.

Now see those bottles recycled into polyester.