New Sketchup Model and Toy Making Project

Just finished a few touches to a newish project for my Year 8 woodwork class. I found the basic planĀ a few years ago in an old Makita school resource and used it to help a casual teacher get through a tough patch last year. The students seemed to like it so I used it myself this semester and had some great results. I’ve completed the 3D model using Sketchup and placed it on the 3Dwarehouse for anyone to download, use and modify. The model contains 5 variations on the basic model just click through the scenes. I haven’t been too picky with layers, it’s all pretty basic. The majority of the work is with 19mm and 12mm stock, with a 50mm holw saw for the wheels. I’ll prepare some PDF working drawings soon so stay tuned.

Download the model from the 3dWarehouse

Toy Truck1Toy Truck6 Toy Truck5 Toy Truck4 Toy Truck3 Toy Truck2
058D8725-A768-4216-9077-A702A70B5401_thumb 75CEEF49-D93E-49D9-8345-3437EBB429EF

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