Design a Postage Stamp

I’ve recently started to get interested in self contained units of work delivered by interactive PDFs. Here’s the design a Postage Stamp unit for my graphics class with a new tutorial which is shorter and clearer. Click on the Stamp below to download it. The pencil on page one controls the marking tools on page 7-8, you click the tip to show them and the eraser to hide them. Not that it’s a great concern if students figure this out, I’ll still mark it even if they have already self assessed. I mostly wanted to experiment with the possibilities of using layers in a PDF document. If anyone knows how to add security or permissions to individual layers I’d love to hear from you.

This document is full of my own self promotional rubbish (just delete it) sorry, if you would like access to the original InDesign documents just drop me a line and I’ll package it up and stick it in my Dropbox for you.


Click on the Tony Abbott stamp to download the Interactive PDF (55mb)




Due to demand a series of Australian Politician stamps is included here for your enjoyment…



  1. I’m going to make a series… Pyne would be a 2c. The first Video is a flash file and if you’re using a mobile/tablet or Apple Mac it may give you grief. I’ll change it over to an MP4 or similar soon.

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