New Graphics Worksheets

Another long delayed post, there’s just so much going on that I’ve neglected this blog. So today I thought I’d post some worksheets I’ve just created for a beginning Graphics Technology class. These are the first few completed and I’m pretty happy with my workflow at the moment, so if I don’t get sidetracked I will continue to post them as I go.

Remember, I’d be more than happy to collaborate if you have any ideas. Recently I’ve been considering a unit on designing card games like Pokémon or Magic the Gathering as my son has hit that age and I find the whole thing quite interesting. My initial research leads me to the conclusion there’s much more to these games and many people take them very seriously. My only problem is… I’m having trouble understanding the actual game, maybe I’m too old. A student did ask me if I had ‘Old Timers’ disease today.

Please feel free to download and share these worksheets.

Worksheet 1     Worksheet 2     Worksheet 3     Worksheet 4


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